Making Sense of Cyril's Reshuffle

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his new cabinet last week. In his message about the reshuffle, Ramaphosa said that the changes come as the country faces a number of challenges including the Covid-19 vaccination programme, peace and stability after recent and unrest and is now mobilising resources to rebuild the economy.

Did Ramaphosa's cabinet reshuffle go far enough? Or this is just a politically balanced approach to ensure votes at the upcoming elections?
What does this mean from an economic perspective?
Who are the winners and losers of Ramaphosa's cabinet reshuffle?
Is it a wise move for the president to take security under his wing? Or it shows a lack of trust?
Did the minister of finance and the minister of health actually resign or they were pushed off the cliff

SPEAKER: Govan Whittles, Journalist and POLICAL ANALYST, eNCA

Govan is a highly credible journalist in South Africa currently working for eNCA. Over the past ten years, Whittles has done commentary and analysis within South African politics, its unions and the mining sector. On quieter days, Whittles brainstorms episodes of South Africa's only animated political cartoon; PIMPLES

Skill Level: Beginner
Skill Level: Beginner

Let's Talk - Can we recover?

A lot has happened since the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma. Will this improve SA's status as a good investment destination? Or is it a little too late?

Then we have seen the so-called "Free Zuma" protests. The country is up in flames. Malls have been looted and burnt down. What is the impact of this on the economy? Can we recover? What needs to be fixed to change this self-implosive, mob psychology streak in SA? Have we lost the plot as a nation and can Ramaphosa fix this? 

SPEAKER: Dawie Roodt, Director and Chief Economist, Efficient Group

Dawie Roodt is SA's most-quoted economist. His career in economic and political analysis spans over 20 years and includes nine years as an economist at the South African Reserve Bank as well as being the economic editor of a financial publication. Dawie Roodt is known for his extensive knowledge of the South African economy, his analytical nature and his exceptional communication skills. He is very efficient at conveying complicated economic information in everyday language.

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